I am a mother of three humans, three cats, and a mastiff puppy. I’m also a sarcastic and devoted wife to a loving farmer. I gave up my career in medicine to take care of my family. Being able to go out and be active keeps all of us happy. Keeping a clean home and putting a home cooked meal on the table keeps me happy. And breast feeding and cloth diaper keeps our bank accounts happy. I grew up in a fast paced city in the midwest, played the vagabond game and have settled happily in rural Montana.


Having one new baby is tough. It’s hard to learn a schedule and get used to what works for every one. ┬áHaving two babies to wrangle is a lot to put on any ones shoulders. I have loved every minute of it. I feel with the power of perspective I have kept myself happy and successful. I feel like social media perpetuates the idea that a new mom is helpless and I want to preach from the roof tops that that isn’t the case! And I want you to come with me! We are powerful, we can multitask, we are amazing. … and some times we need wine.


There are many resources for moms of singletons but very few for moms of twins to learn the ins and outs of how to successfully get out of the house and just function in general. No matter what you do, you do what works for you! No one knows your situation like you!