My new strange obsession…

As moms we are prepared. We might not always have a fresh diaper on us in the store. But we have diapers, wipes, sunscreen, five pairs of clothes, and every thing down to a single serving of laundry detergent in out diaper bags in the car. Or at least I do. One thing I don’t bring every where that is rather necessary? High chairs.

Now, maybe it’s my life style. For us a trip to the store is an hour minimum out of the house because of the drive. So typically we have a relaxed morning and then right about the time the girls get fussy I load them in the car and they sleep on the drive.  Usually this means we are eating out. I can do a lot. Seriously. But if I can skimp on making lunch, I’m down for that.

I never thought having enough high chairs would be a problem I would face… But christ, it is. It was today, while I was eyeing the baby in one of two high chairs considering her age, and wondering if I would have the audacity to walk over and ask her mom if I could use it. Spoiler, I got my shit together and didn’t!   But then I realized I’ve been kind of ragey about high chairs in the past. Not out loud, just in my head. The time that takes the most note was when there were, again, only two high chairs. We were on vacation. And some one had a 4 year old in a high chair. Not a booster, which was offered. But the last fucking high chair.  And she wasn’t even using the tray …. like, how did she even jam her over sized legs into the high chair??? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t physically possible with out bending her femer.

Now, I’m pretty sure the issue is that we live in a very rural area. Rural doesn’t describe it to people who have never been out west. Desolate is the word that fits best.  Any way, changing tables and high chairs are an item that are often over looked out here. I can tell you that the high chairs people carry change where we eat. Motor inn, as a broken cost co one, and two plain wood ones. Rads has an ancient wood one (like beautiful antique) that broke a few weeks ago, so now they are down to one cost co one. In the next town over, guadalahara has four wooden ones. The pub has, three. Three, but they are busier and I have gone there and had to jam both babies in the same chair before, the waitress thought it was cute. And gave the three year old the high chair when another family was done with it. UGH!  Subway has two wood ones, one is broken. Taco johns has one and their other just broke. Great full bread has the most glorious grey high chairs that fit perfect. And they have two. They are my favorite establishment to eat at.

Before high chairs my obsession was changing tables. I can sum this one up quickly. Now where in our podunk towns had a changing table. No where.


And there we go. Now, I have, again, written a post where I start to sound a little crazy. But hey, that’s ok with me. Twin life will do that to a mom. After all. Most moms aren’t faced with the same problems we have.  I mean, some moms might even think, big deal you have to hold your kid while you eat once or twice. But it’s not once or twice. It’s often. Unless you plan. and plan. and look like a crazy person who calls ahead asking about high chairs. .. yep.

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