I’m going to be as obnoxious as the people who bombard me

It’s no secret. We can’t go any where or do any fucking thing with out some kind of attention. Even if it’s the same old store, with the same people. They still have to stop you. And god forbid you leave the babes at home, and then get scolded by every person who recognizes you. The audacity of some people is simply mystifying, like the ones who run the length of the mall *screaming* for you to wait for them so they can look at the twins, or run you down in the parking lot, or scream from the hiway to ask about your sex life. Most people ask you the same string of questions. But some are extremely random and feel the need to tell you their life story, right down to the first ride in the buggy to the one room school house with the woman who would later become the cook at the school. And some are polite. Some are sweet.The ones who cry, “oh my god you just made my week” are always fun. …. and then there are the ones who want to take a photo of a stranger with two babies….


All of the obnoxiousness is rubbing off on me.

I am, and always have been, extremely self reliant. I have worked retail many years ago. And the experience was.. well, sub par. I loved when customers asked me to find things. I would happily go to the back. I got fired and that was one of the reasons they cited. Now, I had never asked people to go find my stuff for me before, but I sure wasn’t about to do it after that experience. Well.. not any more! Feel the need to take 10 minutes of my day to ask about my twins and then tell me about your grand kid? Thats totally fine, But you’re going to go to the back of the store and look for cheese for me.

I’m so used to strangers approaching me that I am now approaching them for help. I can do a lot with my girls in tow, but I can do much more, much easier, if I just ask for a little help here and there. And I can’t even begin to tell you how often I excuse my behavior, “because twins.” Hell, I even ask for discounts on things if I have to buy two of them!  I live in an extremely cold area, it was colder here than Antarctica for a week last month, just to give you an idea. And I have to carry them in to the store in car seats due to this. But will I get lucky enough for them to sleep? No. If they do actually sleep will I be lucky enough that some one will actually listen to me when I tell them to stop pulling my babies hat off? Oh hell no. And my lovely daughters will not allow me to just leave them awake in the car seats. So I go in with the car seats and my wrap. And then I wait for them to wake up. But I don’t want to pull a cart full of empty car seats, oh no, so I find some one, smile, let them ogle the twins, and then ask them to baby sit my stuff. And they do.  I don’t think they mind either, I mean, they are getting to take part in the circus side show that is my outing experience.

Now by far, the worst thing I have started doing is taking up two parking spaces. But it’s not with out reason. I can’t tell you how many times some one has parked too close to my car. Can I get the car seats in? nope. If I’m wearing the babies it’s even worse. Because I can’t get into any of the doors to either take off the babies or move my car. My girls are going to be seven months in two days, and I have had to have two strangers, yes strangers, move my car for me. And I don’t mean a little bit, I had to trust one of them to drive the length of the parking lot while I walked behind because there were no more parking spaces.

In short, mother hood changes you. And at this point, I feel the way people treat me has changed me quite a bit. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad yet. But I’m enjoying this new found feeling of freedom.




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