Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

A fun experiment we can blame on my overly supportive husband….

So I went to weigh the babies at the WIC office. And they had both lost two ounces! AHHH!!! But as it turns out, last time they were in cloth diapers, and this time (thanks to yeast) they were in disposables.  So when I got home I weighed myself and then weighed myself holding a wet cloth diaper.  Found out they had probably gained an oz or two!  Doing the experiment  actually was really good, because it put into perspective just how much the girls are actually putting out.

So we took two cups of water, a pampers swaddler size one, and a pocket diaper with an insert. I don’t use the pocket in the pocket diapers. cloth-diap

And filled the diapers.


Now this photo is note worthy. Notice the small puddle at the bottom of the water I’m pouring? It’s small. This hand me down cloth diaper is holding 2/3’s a cup of water right now. The water isn’t pouring from side to side. It is instantly absorbing.


The cloth diaper insert held 2/3’s a cup of water. That’s a lot of pee. It’s 157 ml. An adult can only hold 500 comfortably. Though some of us, like me, hold a lot more. This was completely saturated. The cover was wet, but probably because I spilled, and not because it was leaking.


Now looking at this disposable. A pampers swaddlers size one. It did hold a whole cup! But notice how the puddle is splayed out in this pic? It had more spill and took much more time to absorb, even right from the start when there was no liquid in it.


And that handy dandy line that tells you when the baby is wet? It didn’t work. It doesn’t always work. That’s any brand. It’s not fail safe.


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