Making baby food is easier than you think!

Many people think two things about making your own baby food: It’s time consuming. And you need special things to do it.   Running after twins, I assure you, ain’t no body got time for that. But it’s not time consuming. And you can do it with things you already have in the kitchen.  … except the fruits and veggies, you are going to have to buy those, or grow them.

STEP ONE: get your fruits and stuff together. Chop them big chop them small. Just remember bigger items take longer to cook. Put them in a pot to cook on the stove. OR put them in the crock pot. The stove top way you absolutely need to keep an eye on it. Depending on what you are cooking it should cook until you can start to break it apart with a fork. Often about 45 minutes on low heat with a lid. But if you have crock pot?? That shit can cook as long as you want to. You can leave the house. Do what ever. Use it to make yourself a nice smelling house all day!    Below I am showing pears I left in the crock pot over the day. If you want to leave them in all day cook them on low. If you want to do this quicker cook them on high. Change your mind in the middle? Change the temp.20160922_181811


Blend or Emulsify. Transfer into a food processor or just use a hand blender. The key to smooth food is that you do this when it is HOT.  If it is too thick add in some cooking liquid. You will rarely need to do this with fruit. With most fruit you should leave a little liquid out. With veggies you can add a little hot water while it is cooking, so the nutrients will be in the water too.



Put it in ice cube trays. Each cube is about one ounce. Cover in saran wrap. Saran wrap will leave zero freezer burn. Tin foil will leave freezer burn. Stack the trays on top of each other and freeze.


Run trays under hot water in order to remove the saran wrap. It will tear if you don’t run it under water first. Do this for only a second. After you remove the saran wrap then flip the tray over and run it under the water to get some of the cubes to loosen. They will not fall out into the sink! After that remove them from the tray just like normal ice cubes. (you know the bendy thing to get them to come out). Store in freezer bag



Feed them to your darling angel. Lose half of it on the floor because they don’t care how much effort you put into this, those darling angels. 


2 thoughts on “Making baby food is easier than you think!

  1. Ashley says:

    Awesome! But just as am fyi high and low in your crock pot end up the same temp. Low takes longer to get to that temp but ultimately changing from one to the other has no effect


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