Because I am trapped in this god damn nursing pillow for countless hours, let’s talk pillows!

If you exclusively nurse your twins, you will spend so much time in the nursing positions. Please don’t skimp on your pillow. In the first few months it will be used more than the crib, tummy time mat, and bassinet (possibly combined)!!

To start with; no twin pillow is going to fit in a nursing glider. In fact, you may want to throw out the idea of a nursing glider. We have a lazy boy recliner in our nursery. And that works best with padding like blankets and normal pillows.

The twin z pillow


Why it is called the twin z is beyond me..  And at first look, how the fuck do you use this thing??? See that big center? That’s actually a back rest. Yes! A back rest! And it’s pretty glorious. This pillow is really large. But so is any thing used for twins.


  • It’s big and comfortable
  • It offers lumbar support, and takes you off the back of the couch
  • Because it has a back the babies feet have more room and they can’t push on the couch as much. (but any angry baby after about 20 inches long can push on the back of the couch in any pillow)
  • It’s rounded shape means the twins are leaned in toward your boobs
  • It is harder for them to roll off of.
  • I personally feel more hands free with it
  • the babies can lay in it like a boppy. see above picture (some twin moms will get two boppys just to sit their babies in)
  • They can sleep in it while you comfortably type up a blog post
  • The cover is easy to get off, easy to clean, and very very soft.
  • made like a pillow with fluff


  • It’s really big
  • The lumbar support means you are going to need a pillow for your head if you want to lay your head back
  • You must be on a bed or couch to make it comfortable


My Brest Friend Twin


I want to start this off with this. When I was nursing my singleton I hated the my brest friend pillow.  I hated how large it was in comparison to the boppy. I hated that you had to be strapped in. Those things benefit the twin world. But I’m not sure this is really any different than the normal pillow. It’s even simply labeled as twin/XL.


  • See the back rest? It completely collapses when you put any pressure on it. So it’s just like sitting in your chair with no pillow as far as your back is concerned.
  • it has a pocket that I have yet to ever stick any thing in
  • All the girth is in the front, so it can theoretically be used in more places. But since the sides are just as wide you really can’t
  • firm foam material and front shape make it so that you can sit free standing with it. I’ve taken mine out to the lake and was relatively comfortable.


  • foam is significantly harder to get stains out of
  • the case is harder to get off and on because it has a few different pieces
  • because of the flat top the babies can roll off of it much easier
  • because the back collapses which is comfortable, the babies can push their feet against the couch easier.
  • I personally can’t type and things while I use it.


Hope this helps some one some where make a choice!


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