Learning to let go…

Twins will start communicating with each other at the same time they start cooing. Unlike most babies who will not play with another baby, but will play next to another baby, until the age of two or three. Twins will try to communicate as soon as they start trying to communicate past crying. And that means playing too. They are used to always having the other. And before cooing they don’t seem to care unless they are sleeping next to each other. But after the age of cooing you start to see very solid very important parts of their love and attention for each other.



I am that mom that is completely up their kids asses. Not a helicopter mom, because I also believe in letting my kid hit the ground. I’m not there to catch him when he falls, I am there to put band aides on his boo-boo’s. But I am there to scream and cheer when they do anything on their own. Seriously anything. When I was teaching my son sign language I was so happy that he was signing milk that I cheered if he used it, not if he used it correctly. And even though I didn’t give him any thing for using it wrong, it became the sign for every thing.  He actually signed better two years after I gave up signing it.


Anyway now that my girls are cooing I want to support it. Encourage it. Engage them for every little noise!  I want to hear laughs and smiles and be the center of their world like they are the center of mine. But with twins, I’m not. Not even close. They are each others worlds and I am a close second.  SO, as I have learned that they need each other deeply, they need themselves  to support and encourage them, not always me.


So in the morning when the smiles and coo’s started. I stepped back. I watched. and at 13 weeks my twins were talking to each other. Smiling huge bashful smiles. And cooing in turn. Holding each others hands.  I wanted to join in when they stopped talking, but when they weren’t talking they were thinking very hard. They were taking turns touching. It was an amazing ten minutes that they needed. And they needed me to be quiet. They needed me to not interrupt. And they needed me to not encourage.  And those moments were so important for them, and me!


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