First blog post… even though it wasn’t

Welcome to my journey of stumbling around on word press and swearing while I fuck this up. I assumed that making a first blog post would end up in the first blog post category… but I was wrong. So here I am making that too while my babies nurse and sleep on me.


So I guess I will talk about how this started.


I’m getting along a pretty well. I manage a clean house and dinner while caring for the house hold and new babies (a mastiff puppy, three cats, a fish, an 8 year old who feeds all those things, and identical twin girls currently 13 weeks. I feed all the humans). My wonderful husband farms so we hadn’t really spent very much time together lately. He had to have surgery on his eye and I was in the room. Walking around nursing the twins. We went to the vet the next day and low and behold my girls wouldn’t eat enough before we left the house since they like to sleep on me. So ten minutes into the vet and I am walking around and feeding the babies again. Hands free of course. My husband told me I should make a blog. I laughed. Very much so thought it was a joke. But he continued; I am very good at handling the things most people are panicked about (and I was too before they were born). I found how to get around with the girls well, both for fun and necessity. ¬†And when I was pregnant and worried about those things the twinfo was really hard to find. More so, some of the Dr.s and nurses and Lactation Consultants were absolutely not able to tell me any thing of value and even often told me incorrect things. I have done a lot of research (as well as having ten years in medicine behind me). I have done a lot of things to figure out what works and doesn’t. and I want to share it and help any one in need! As well as hopefully being entertaining. So I started thinking and getting ideas.. right now I am in the middle of fighting with technology and the next step will be making some how-to baby wearing videos. And then who knows?


There word press… there is my second blog post titled “first”… bare with me every one! (this is a pep talk to myself! unless you want to come too!)


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