Welcome to Celebrate Twins!

The news you are about to have TWO babies is daunting!

(Or the reminder yelling at you from the other side of the bathroom door can be daunting)

The constant comments, “I don’t know how you do it,” “glad it’s you not me,” “double trouble,” “but that’s so much work!”  are probably the most time consuming part of our new twin mommy lives. But they don’t know that!  These comments make moms who are about to have two babies so scared! I know I was.

I had My first child 8 years before my twins. I have learned a lot in that time. My twins are almost a year old. And I can say I think I had more trouble adjusting to just having one child than my twinnies. With my singleton I felt trapped, I was helpless, and I was at the mercy of keeping a baby happy.  But not now. Not at all. I get no rest, my son is home schooled and the twins and I are at the mercy of his sporting events and educational activities.  And some how, that has made this experience so freeing.

The goal here is to share that this is great! And all the people making you scared of those babies, they don’t have the spunk you have! With the right attitude. And the right motivation. We can move mountains. Ok, well probably not, but we can climb them with our twins in tow! And we can get through day to day adventures with no fuss, and still get the shopping cart back in the coral when we are done.

My goal is never to sound like I am better than you, my goal is always to say, we can do this together.